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Window Cleaning


Using the latest window cleaning technology (on the planet), using a hybrid 'pure water' cleaning system, designed by ourselves, (we lead the others follow) we clean windows (inside and outside) to a 100% crystal clear finish, 'without scratches or marks', including frames, sofits, doors, cladding, signage, and solar panels (roof or floor mounted).

We also clean aircraft glass, which gives 100% unbeatable visibility, or if required we can clean the whole aircraft.


All our brushes have rubber bumpers so 'no black marks' or scratches, are left behind on UVPC frames, sofits, doors, cladding or signage, etc.


We use the most advanced pole reach system (on the planet), which allows us to reach up to 160ft or 16 floors, (inside or outside), if required, the height can be increased.


We guarantee your glass, will be left 100% crystal clear and looking just like new.






Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


Business only





Hard Floor Cleaning


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Jet Washing/Steam Cleaning/Steam Jetting


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Landscape Gardening


Business only

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