Maintenance / Deep Clean Cycle

(Brand New Finish / Back2New)

Window Cleaning


Using the latest window cleaning technology, pure water, we clean windows, inside and out, to a 100% crystal clear finish (back to new condition). Without any scratches (we have a no scratch guarantee, everyone else will scratch your glass guaranteed!)

No marks are left (we only use the best soft brushes, which cannot scratch or leave marks), including frames, soffits, doors, conservatories, cladding, signage, digital media screens, aircraft, new build property and solar panels.

All our brushes have rubber bumpers so 'no black marks' (which cannot be removed) or scratches, are left behind on UPVC frames, soffits, doors, cladding or signage, etc.

Full UPVC glazing restoration (back to new), when required, is due to pollution, weathering and ingrained soiling. Which cannot be removed by just window cleaning.

When the UPVC is restored it increases the value of the property, without the high cost of replacing the UPVC glazing.

All our products are 100% Vegan, eco friendly and recyclable.

We are the only company to use such advanced technology, no one, can get close to our standards. 

All window cleaners are "NOT" the same.

If you want the best, then call us.





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