Refer a Friend – Terms and Conditions

Customers who make referrals to us 123 Progress Services, may receive in return for their referral, a free window clean service if equal to the referral customers cleaning contract fee.

Or a referral fee paid in British pounds sterling.

Receiving the cash, depends upon, first, the new customer, who has been refereed, must use our (originally agreed) services for a minimum period of three months (minimum of three cleans).

Second, the original customer, who has made the referral, continuing to use our (originally agreed) services during the minimum period of three months (minimum of three cleans).

Third, a customer can only be refereed once, if the customer stops using our services and then wishes to return, there will be no referral fee due.

The referral fee paid by 123 Progress Services for each referral is £30.00 / e30.00 this is subject to change at any time.

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